Europe’s Top Broad Spectrum CBD Retailer, Dr. Hemp Me, Accredited by Cannabis Trade Association

Ireland’s Leading broad-spectrum CBD purveyor, Dr. Hemp Me lately stepped into the thriving Cannabis industry following its ratification from the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) of Ireland. The Dublin based enterprise is one of two CBD ventures in Ireland to gain full membership of CTA, since the start of 2018.

Dr. Hemp Me offers the highest quality and potency of full spectrum Terpene enriched CBD extracts in their products. Every batch of CBD products is lab tested by CTA as well as Eirlab, an independent third-party, deemed as a corporate leader in the Hemp & Cannabinoid testing field.

The various products of Dr. Hemp Me are:

Full spectrum CBD Oil: Extracted from the whole Hemp plant grown within the Europe and Ireland, using the supercritical CO2 extraction, this blend provides naturally occurring terpenoids and other essential Cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBDa, CBN, CBV, & less than 0.20% THC, which helps in fast and efficacious absorption.

CBD Vape Oil-E-liquid: Vape oil comes in two different flavours other than the original, and offers the fastest absorption of all available products. It has 20% CBD by volume and no THC at all. Prefilled CBD Vape Pens are also accessible in the stock.

CBD Capsules: These capsules are a convenient way of administering CBD oil, if the user doesn’t like the taste of CBD oil or not into vaping. Each capsule contains 10 mg of full spectrum CBD oil together with other terpenoids and is good in absorption.

Other products by Dr. Hemp Me are CBD Bath Bombs and CBD for Pets 3% CBD. CBD Gummies and CBD Cream are soon to hit the shelf.

Cannabis Trade Association is a trading name of The Hemp Trades Association UK. It is the single-most Cannabinoid centric trade syndicate for the UK and Europe, functioning with all precincts of the Hemp and Cannabis market, and the government to establish jurisprudence, which will fortify the safety and quality standards and provide effective guidance.

All CBD products are tested, screened and approved by the CTA before offering membership. CTA is, in fact, the largest full-time operational, non-profitable Hemp and Cannabis Association by Membership in the world, representing over 4000 organizations.

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