Everything You Need to Know About Snuff Bullets

You may have seen your friends sniffing from a small bullet-like device and thought of getting one yourself. Tobacco users call it a snuff bullet, but coke users also use the same device instead of sniffing coke from the tabletop.

Many traditional users spread a small amount of snuff or coke on the table or the back of their hands. It works just fine, but it can also be quite inconvenient, especially in public places. You also can’t use it in a windy area. But a snuff bullet changes everything.

The same device is called a cocaine bullet, coke bullet, or snuff bullet, depending on what you sniff. When you look at the device, you will notice that it looks like a bullet, thus the name. For snuff users, it makes snuffing easier and more discreet in public. You can take a hit anywhere since you can easily carry the device in your pocket.


All You Need to Know About the Snuff Bullet

How to Use a Snuff Bullet

When you buy a snuff bullet, you will find that they hardly have an instruction manual. And if they do, it may not be detailed enough to be helpful. Most beginners struggle using these devices until they learn or find someone who can show them how to use them properly.

While it won’t take you long to figure out how to use the device, you can avoid early mistakes with some simple tips. If your snuff bullet is made of metal or plastic, it should have a removable bottom that you can unscrew.

  • First, you need to fill the snuff bullet. Every device is different; so, how you do this depends on the type of bullet. If yours is the type that has a bottom you can unscrew, you need to remove it and fill the empty chamber.
  • Put in about ¾ full of powder. About 2 grams of powder should fill up the chamber.
  • Tap the bullet once you put in the powder to let it settle and screw back properly.


The glass and plastic snuff bullets often come with a screw on the head you take off when you need to fill the chamber. Others also have a filling funnel to make your work much easier. Most snuff bullets also have a rotating dial to push the snuff up into the nose cone.

Your snuff bullet is ready to sniff once it is full. Just turn the dial to propel the snuff into the nose cone, making it an essential part of the bullet. Without the dial, you can’t capture the snuff from the funnel. The rotating chamber has a pointed dial to indicate the direction it turns.

Most people make the mistake of using the snuff bullet with the dial facing the wrong way. If your bullet points downwards, but the dial points upwards, your snuff could fall out. This can also happen if you don’t screw the bottom tightly.

Another critical factor to consider when using the snuff bullet is the distance to your nose. If you don’t get the distance right, you might end up taking too much snuff too deeply. You need to get the snuff close to your nose to get a lighter sniff.


How to Sniff

  • Rotate the dial to face downwards in the direction of the bullet’s bottom
  • Hold the bullet facing downwards so that the snuff falls into the chamber
  • Turn the dial 90 degrees sideways to capture the snuff in the rotating chamber
  • Hold the bullet upwards towards your nose in readiness to take a sniff
  • Rotate the dial 90 degrees again so that it points upwards. This allows the snuff to settle in the rotating chamber.
  • Put the bullet on your nostril and take a sniff


How to Store Your Snuff Bullet

You have probably noticed that your snuff bullet leaks when you place it in your pocket. That’s because you are storing it improperly, and the snuff leaks through the air hole at the back. The bullet will most likely leak if the dial faces downwards.

Turn the dial upwards when not using the snuff bullet to prevent it from leaking. Most new users often find their snuff leaks, especially when they carry the snuff bullet in the pocket. They often think that the snuff bullet is missing a screw or broken.

Try these storage tips if your snuff bullet has been leaking to see if things change. Also, make sure the screw or cover at the bottom is tightly in place. If you continue experiencing those leaks, then your device could be broken.


Word of Caution!

People sniff different products, and you need to take some precautions to ensure an enjoyable and safe snuffing experience. Some people react to certain snuff products, resulting in sneezing after taking snuff. It is common to sneeze, especially during the early days of snuffing.

As a precaution, blow your nose often to clear the airways. This should help remove any snuff that does not dissolve and may be causing irritation on the lining of your nose.

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