Exploring the Potential: Can CBD Aid in Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a growing problem globally at the moment, particularly in the western world as the USA continues its ongoing battle with the opioid crisis and the UK sees the likes of alcohol, opioid and cocaine abuse also rising at a worrying rate.

Naturally, for people suffering, getting the help needed is so important and across the world we’re seeing more and more ways that different treatments can help. That can come in the various forms of therapy, with centres such as Primrose Lodge, a rehabilitation centre in Surrey, just outside London, utilising the likes of art therapy, mindfulness and even gong bath therapy. 

Treatments are forever evolving, and as CBD becomes more and more prominent it’s believed that it can also help aid addiction without causing further addiction. Much research has gone into that, but exactly how can CBD help the treatment and recovery process?

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

According to multiple studies, CBD can act as an anxiety reliever as it influencers receptors in the brain that are associated with stress. By doing that, CBD can offer support to those that are seeking help with addiction, by reducing stress and lessening the trigger points that can often lead people to turn to alcohol or opioids, for example.

Help Manage Withdrawal Symptoms & Cravings

Withdrawal is one of the more challenging aspects of addiction treatment and for many can make or break them. The withdrawal symptoms can be hugely painful and distressing, with the likes of insomnia, nausea, mood swings, sweating and heart palpitations all among them. 

Some studies out there are suggesting that CBD’s relationship with serotonin receptors can potentially help manage and ease withdrawal symptoms for those going through detoxification and make them much easier to deal with and get through.

Alongside this CBD also can influence the brain’s reward system which can help cuell cravings and regulate the neural circuits, which can be hugely beneficial during a period where cravings will be at their highest.

It Has Neuroprotective Properties

Our brain health can really struggle as a result of alcohol and drug consumpton, causing severe neuronal damage. However, CBD offers neuroprotective properties that can in fact reduce the damage and mitigate the impact the likes of alcohol does have on the brain.

Of course, for anyone who is suffering from addiction, it’s always worth speaking to an expert or your doctor before turning to CBD as a form of medicinal leverage, but all the signs are stating it can be hugely beneficial and help patients get their lives back on track during one of the most difficult periods they’ll face.

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