Farm Journal Launches First Hemp Industry Database

Here’s the press release in full…..Farm Journal has launched agriculture’s first and most comprehensive database of hemp growers, processors and other value chain participants. This data set integrates with Farm Journal’s Farm Reach database to provide agribusinesses, government agencies, investors and suppliers with unparalleled insights into this exciting growth market.

Over the past 50 years, Farm Journal has become the trusted partner in agricultural data and today manages more than 4.1 million continuously updated records. Farm Journal’s ownership of 15 leading web-based platforms and its holistic view of the agri-food value chain provides data partners with a clear and accurate picture of new and emerging agricultural landscapes. This expertise has led to the construction of a multi-sourced hemp database. This first-of-its-kind data set includes information from state and federal licensee files and other industry sources such as hemp growers, processors, transporters, seed companies, educators and farm managers.

“Farm Journal has always been dedicated to improving the livelihood of farmers and ranchers, which includes helping them improve the sustainability of their operations and diversify their income,” said Charlene Finck, President, Producer Media for Farm Journal. “It is critical we communicate clear and transparent information about how to safely grow and merchandise this crop to all segments of the industry. Providing agriculture with a comprehensive hemp data source is the first step of many Farm Journal will be making to help move this agricultural sector forward.”

When the most recent farm bill was signed into law in late 2018, hemp regained its status as a legal crop in the United States. Farm Journal immediately provided invaluable editorial and launched the Hemp College series, dedicated to helping farmers explore agronomic and business opportunities. This leadership has made Farm Journal the go-to resource for farmers and others to identify best practices and provide a clear market environment for evaluating hemp as a viable crop.

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About Farm Journal

Farm Journal is the nation’s leading business information and media company serving the agricultural market. Started 142 years ago with the preeminent Farm Journal magazine, the company serves the row crop, livestock, produce and retail sectors through branded websites, eNewsletters and phone apps; business magazines; live events including conferences, seminars and tradeshows; nationally broadcasted television and radio programs; a mobile text marketing business; and an array of data-driven paid information products. Farm Journal also is the majority shareholder of the online equipment marketplace Machinery Pete LLC. In 2010, Farm Journal established the non-profit, public charity Farm Journal Foundation dedicated to help sustain agriculture’s ability to meet the vital needs of a growing population through education and empowerment.

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