FDA Issues New Round of Warning Letters for Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

The FDA recently sent Warning Letters to several companies that are marketing products which contain, or claim to contain, Cannabidiol (CBD). As reported yesterday in Above the Law, the FDA sent Warning Letters to eight such companies earlier this month, and previously, in February 2015, to six companies.

The letters provide notice of violations of FDA regulations, including those governing marketing of unapproved drugs, and misbranding, and require the companies to correct the violations or face legal action. The article provides some good insights. Read the full story at http://abovethelaw.com/2016/02/no-cbd-for-you-as-fda-threatens-legal-action-against-cbd-cannabis-companies/?rf=1

The 2016 and 2015 letters and test results for each product are posted on the FDA site. See links below.
FDA 2016 Warning Letters and Test Results
FDA 2015 Warning Letters and Test Results

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