Finance Registrar Says “MCOA (Marijuana Company of America) MCOA is starting to mount a comeback”

As part of its Canada push, MCOA on September 5 announced a joint venture with Global Hemp Group Inc. The deal is part of MCOA’s industrial hemp project in Canada’s New Brunswick province and will see GBHPF assist MCOA in developing commercial hemp production in the New Brunswick.

The province is one of the regional center taking the most advanced steps to prepare for federal legalization of recreational marijuana. To that end, New Brunswick has created a crown corporation that will oversee retail distribution of recreational marijuana in the province.

This move into Canada and the hiring of Space Cowboys show a company on a mission.

At this time, carrying a capital value in the market of $50.17M, MCOA is starting to mount a comeback and they are trying to bring the right partners on board to help them succeed. We will be writing updates on MCOA as they venture deeper into their Canadian endeavor.

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