Finnish Customs investigates large-scale smuggling of marijuana and hashish worth 4 million euros

Finnish Customs is currently conducting a high-profile investigation into a smuggling organization involved in trafficking narcotics from Spain to Finland within commercial freight consignments. This criminal case has led to the identification of eight suspects.

Throughout the preliminary investigation, Finnish Customs has conducted searches and apprehensions in the Helsinki region and Jyväskylä.

The largest seizure, comprising approximately 90 kilograms of marijuana and 10 kilograms of hashish, was discovered at a self-storage facility in Helsinki. The illicit substances were ingeniously concealed in nearly 400 rucksacks, all of which were seized during the operation. Additionally, authorities have confiscated 45,000 euros in cash and two unlicensed handguns, with suspicions that the cash was derived from narcotics trade. Furthermore, investigators are looking into other shipments of narcotics smuggled by the same criminal organization.

“We initiated our criminal investigation and tracked down the smuggling organization. Our suspicions indicate that the group has orchestrated eight different consignments of narcotics from Spain to Finland since November last year. These consignments are estimated to contain a total of at least 280 kilograms of marijuana and hashish, with a street value of approximately four million euros,” revealed Senior Customs Officer Janne Kallio, who leads the case.

Notably, the smugglers resorted to using legal freight consignments for trafficking narcotics. The transport company involved is not suspected of complicity in the smuggling scheme, according to Kallio.

Throughout the investigation, Finnish Customs has collaborated closely with the Central Finland Police Department and exchanged information with authorities from Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany, along with other Finnish agencies.

Besides the narcotics offenses, the investigation encompasses a firearms offense. The preliminary investigation has led to eight suspects, including three Finnish nationals and five foreign citizens. After concluding the preliminary inquiry, the case will be forwarded to the Prosecution District of Southern Finland for consideration of charges.

This ongoing operation reflects Finnish Customs’ commitment to combating drug trafficking and organized crime, as they work relentlessly to protect public safety and uphold the law.

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