Florida: Beachgoer Finds 20 Bricks of Cocaine on Vero Beach

In the latest episode of “Florida Man Strikes Again,” a beachgoer stumbled upon 20 bricks of cocaine washed up on the pristine white sands of Vero Beach. Talk about a treasure hunt gone wrong! I’ve been all over Florida to our many beaches. Everywhere from Fort Myers to Marco island and into Miami. I’ve see it all, but not this!

According to WFLA, U.S. Border Patrol officials said the bricks had a collective weight of 57 lbs. That’s one heavy load to carry, but it’s nothing compared to the weight of the legal trouble that comes with it.

The estimated street value of the drugs is nearly $700,000. That’s enough money to buy a beachfront mansion, a yacht, and a lifetime supply of sunscreen. But alas, it seems like the drug lords won’t be living the high life anytime soon.

Florida Man Strikes Again: Beachgoer Finds 20 Bricks of Cocaine on Vero Beach

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