Florida man accused of murder in a squatters’ den captured after cops bust him with ‘cocaine cookies’

There’s headlines and then there’s headlines!

A Florida man who had been on the run from police after allegedly killing a man in a home overrun by squatters was taken into custody after a routine traffic stop, according to police records.

Miami police responded to an empty home in the northeast part of the city last Sunday where they discovered a fatal shooting victim identified as Lamont Ferguson, according to NBC Miami.

The home is owned by a local immigration lawyer, Maria Escandell, but while she worked on renovating the property, squatters allegedly moved in and took over.

“Someone broke into the house, they changed the locks and they stayed there like they owned the property. We called the police, we made a report and the police told us not to do anything, to stay away from the property because they need to investigate,” Escandell told the outlet.


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