Flux Magazine Article: Law Enforcement & Psychedelics – Harm Reduction Answers on Psychable

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Whether seeking support for substance misuse or medical help during the middle of a trip, harm reduction principles can be applied to psychedelic drug use  — and law enforcement is learning how to incorporate new approaches for navigating their encounters with people using psychedelic drugs.

What Does Psychedelic Harm Reduction Look Like for Law Enforcement Personnel?

As drug policies evolve, we may see trained harm reduction experts riding along with law enforcement personnel to engage with people directly. Or, we might see an expansion of existing harm reduction organizations’ efforts. Law enforcement can be trained in basic psychedelic harm reduction and arguably should be (check out this course for an introduction), but no amount of basic training could replace the expertise of people who make psychedelic harm reduction their profession.

What will undoubtedly help everyone who uses psychedelics is access to education and information about psychedelic drugs, their potential risks and effects, and the impacts they can have on the mind and body. From this more sensible approach, where drug use is neither condemned nor condoned, people are empowered to make their own decisions as safely and responsibly as possible.

Read full article at https://www.fluxmagazine.com/law-enforcement-psychedelics/

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