Former Canopy Growth Geneticist Turns to Psychedelics Research

It has been announced that ebbu’s Director of Research, Robert Roscow, M.A.,is leaving the cannabis industry  giant Canopy to become the Chief Science Officer of the leading psychedelic startup Mydecine Innovations Group Inc.

CFN report……..

Before they grew into a multi-billion-dollar juggernaut (and the largest cannabis company in the world) Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE:CGC) started as just another obscure Canadian microcap stock. A key contributing factor to Canopy’s explosive growth was its CAD$429 million acquisition of ebbu LLC. After the announcement of the ebbu acquisition, Canopy’s stock price value reached its highest point in the company’s history.

The ebbu acquisition gave Canopy Growth the world’s first cannabis genome editing and cellular pharmacology labs focused on both cannabinoid yield improvements and unique isolate formulations which provided Canopy with a cannabinoid genetic editing program and pharmacology R&D designed to provide medical and adult-use consumers with a consistent and precise experience. ebbu’s genetic advancements also allowed Canopy Growth to achieve up to 10X improvement in extracted yield coming from ebbu’s genetically edited plants.

Roscow played a critical role in developing and running the world’s first cannabis genomic editing lab focused on cannabinoid yield improvement, filed patents, established a cannabis tissue culture lab, and supported Canopy Growth’s drug development team with statistical analysis and experimental design for proprietary formulations.

Now Roscow is now helping Mydecine build an ecosystem of resources targeted at unlocking the potential of fungi for human wellness.

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