Former National Guardsman from Norfolk sentenced to more than 4 years for unlawful possession of firearms while using LSD

Not the smartest move he could have made..

It reminds us of this classic. LSD film clip


The Story

A former National Guardsman who was living in Norfolk has been sentenced in federal court Monday for unlawfully possessing firearms while also using illegal substances.

Francis Harker, 22, was handed four years and nine months in prison for charges dating as far back as June 2020.

Harker falsely stated he was not an unlawful user of any controlled substances in order to purchase a semi-automatic rifle on June 3, 2020, “when in fact, he used illegal drugs, including LSD,” a press release from the Eastern District of Virginia said.

According to the release, that same day Harker discussed “interrupting an unjust stop” by trapping law enforcement at a shopping mall in Virginia Beach.

The following year, he purchased a handgun and made the same false statement.

Harker entered a plea deal on Jan. 10, 2022, for unlawful possession of firearms while also using illegal substances. He was not sentenced for charges related to online extremism and white supremacy.

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