Four people facing charges after Tasmania Police carry out drug bust on Flinders Island

ABC News Australia.. more of the haven’t they got anything better to do type story

Four people are facing charges over drug, firearm and wildlife offences after police executed a number of search warrants and used a drone to help pinpoint a crop of illegal cannabis on Flinders Island.

Tasmania Police said the operation was carried out based on existing information about cannabis cultivation and distribution in the area.

Acting Inspector Andrew Hanson said police from Northern Drug Investigation Services executed several search warrants on Flinders Island.

“One of these searches resulted in a crop of cannabis plants and other drug-related items being seized,” he said.

“One man will be proceeded against for cannabis cultivation, firearms offences and wildlife offences, and another will be proceeded against for cannabis possession and sales.

“Two other people will be proceeded against for minor drug offences.”

While on Flinders Island, officers from the Northern Drug Investigation Services also conducted two traffic operations, focusing on drugs and alcohol, and checking vehicles for roadworthiness.

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