France Cannabis & Bill 4746 To Be Debated Today (14 January 2022) Read Bill Here

Members of France Insoumise have tabled a bill to legalize the consumption of cannabis in France. It will be debated on January 13 in the Assembly but, given the opposition of the government, it has every chance of being rejected.

Bill 4746 will be talked about in the coming days. Tabled by deputies from France Insoumise, but also signed by deputies from five other parliamentary groups, including LREM (Caroline Janvier, Jean-Baptiste Moreau), it aims to “legalize the production, sale and consumption of cannabis under state control”. The debate scheduled for January 13 should however end in its rejection, the government remaining opposed to such a measure.

In 2014, Senator Insoumise Esther Benbassa had already tabled a bill aimed at the legalization of cannabis, rejected by the Senate.

“This law intends to break with the repressive paradigm of management of this drug in order to implement a real public health policy for the users of this product”, write the deputies. According to them, “the purely repressive approach has shown its limits in terms of reducing the consumption of narcotics and the risks associated with it”.



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