France: Green Party Politician Julien Bayou files an amendment to relaunch cannabis regulation debate

Le Pays Gessien reports

Green MP Julien Bayou has tabled an amendment to the Social Security financing bill to relaunch the debate on the legalization of cannabis. Judged admissible by the National Assembly, it could be examined this Friday, October 21 in public session.

The cannabis debate could be revived sooner than expected. The Green MP Julien Bayou has tabled an amendment to the Social Security financing bill (PLFSS), the examination of which began on Thursday. If passed, it would amount to legalizing cannabis .

Deemed admissible by the services of the National Assembly, the text could be examined in public session this Friday, October 21. If, however, the debates are not interrupted by a new 49.3 , to adopt the PLFSS.

A financial and health benefit, according to the deputies

This amendment “aims to create an excise [tax relating to a quantity and not to a value] on cannabis and cannabis products in the code of taxation of goods and services (CIBS)”, according to Le Parisien .

The deputies mention in particular the weight that cannabis consumption weighs on the health system on a physical and psychological level. They also recommend better control of Social Security expenditure to offer a health policy that “is based on prevention and awareness campaigns, rather than on dealing with the harmful effects of cannabis consumption, in particular on children. minors. »

The legalization of cannabis is also a financial argument for these deputies who plan to tax the production and distribution of cannabis, “  in the same way as alcohol or tobacco, via an excise tax on the sale . Julien Bayou even goes so far as to mention on Twitter the “4 to 5 billion in tax revenue” from Colorado.



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