France’s Temporary Specialized Scientific Committee (CSST) For Medical Cannabis Named

After the ANSM’s Temporary Specialized Scientific Committee (CSST) which had validated the need to set up an experiment in medical cannabis in France, place at the Temporary Scientific Committee (CST) «implementation of the experimentation of medical cannabis in France. France “.

With a duration of 6 months, the CST will study the conditions of the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis in France. As we unveiled 15 days ago , at least 3 topics will be on the agenda: the product specifications, the patient register and the means of training the nursing staff.

According to the ANSM’s decision , the CST will consist of:

  • Nicolas AUTHIER as President of the CST. He already chaired the previous CSST on medical cannabis.
  • Philippe ANDRIEUX, from the association Active Principles
  • Nadine ATTAL, neurologist by training, pain specialist
  • Lucas BEURTON-COURAUD, general practitioner in Finistère
  • Pierre CHAMPY, professor of pharmacognosy
  • Laure COPEL, Oncologist and Head of the Department of Palliative Care of the Hospital Group Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon
  • Patrick DAIME, general practitioner and representative of the National Council of the Order of Physicians (Cnom)
  • Carole DE MULATIER, Project Manager at the Union for the Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis (UNISEP)
  • Vera DINKELACKER, neurologist
  • Samira DJEZZAR, hospital doctor and IDF addictovigilance member
  • Antoine DUPUIS, professor of pharmacy
  • Yannick FRELAT, member of Epilepsie France
  • Marie-Madeleine GILANTON, spokesperson of the association ‘Espoir (Im) patient, president of APAISER (Association to help and inform the European Syringoméliques Réunis) and member of the Alliance Rare Diseases
  • René MAAREK, pharmacist member of the Union of Community Pharmacy Unions (Upso)
  • Alexandre MACIUK, Doctor of Pharmacy and Lecturer
  • Bertrand RAMBAUD, President of UFCM-I Care
  • Catherine SEBIRE, Director of the Francophone Association to Overcome Pain (AFVD)
  • Melissa YELEHE, doctor in pharmacist at Nancy University Hospital

The schedule of meetings of the CST has not yet been communicated.

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