FREE Webinar September 21st: Cannabis Trademarks and Litigation

As the U.S. cannabis industry expands, high-profile lawsuits involving cannabis brands and the use of trademarks “inspired” by well-known companies have emerged. One recent example is popular candy brand Skittles’ lawsuit against a cannabis company for using the name “Zkittlez” on various products.

Please join us on Thursday September 21st at 12:00pm PT, for a lively and informative conversation about the legal issues surrounding cannabis trademarking. The presenters will focus on recent litigation, but will also cover best practices for protecting your cannabis brand’s trademarks.


Webinar Topics:

  • The legal status of cannabis trademarks in the United States.
  • Factors courts consider when determining trademark infringement.
  • Recent lawsuits involving cannabis trademarks.
  • Best practices for protecting your cannabis brand’s trademarks.

Questions prior to this webinar are strongly encouraged and can be submitted through the registration link.

We welcome anyone involved in the cannabis industry, including cannabis business owners, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. 


The event will feature cannabis-focused Intellectual Property Attorneys Paul Coble and Fred Rocafort as speakers, and Chair of HB Litigation Practice Jihee Ahn as moderator.

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