French Mayor Says.. Let’s Give Cannabis A Go

Good luck with that , we say!

Canna Reporter writes

The Mayor of Bègles, Clément Rossignol-Puech, proposed to make his city, in Gironde, France, the first territory of experience with the legalization of cannabis. The president believes that the only way to reduce consumption and avoid negative consequences is through highly supervised legalization and hopes to raise the taboo to reopen the debate on this issue.

Clément Rossignol-Puech quoted a recent report of the Social and Environmental Economic Council ( Cese ), which is in favor of supervised legalization of cannabis for adult / recreational use. He argues that the current solutions to drug-related problems have not been successful and that it is time to try something new.

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França: Presidente da Câmara de Bègles propõe experimentar a legalização da canábis

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