French-Senegalese Customs Officer Allegedly Bought Mansion in Africa with Cocaine Money

An Africa-born French customs official alleged to have recently bought a huge home in his native Senegal is one of a dozen arrested as part of a cocaine trafficking bust by police.

The customs officer, who worked at Paris’ Charles-de-Gaulle airport, was arrested along with eleven others this week as part of a large police operation into a cocaine network that trafficked around 100 to 130 pounds of cocaine per week.

The customs officer, a 35-year-old named Bocar, is believed to have been given a sum of 50,000 euros to look the other way as cocaine was brought into France from South America, Actu17 reports.

The 35-year-old, previously a soldier, is said to originally come from the African nation of Senegal, and believed to have recently purchased a large home in his native country.

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