Fresno Court is too slo in Implementing cannabis expungements says article

GV Wire report…

Fresno Court is Among State’s Slowest in Implementing Pot Conviction Law

Fresno County Superior Court fairs poorly when it comes to fulfilling a legal requirement to expunge or reduce marijuana convictions, compared to courts in other California counties.

According to research from a state agency and GV Wire℠ inquiries, the Fresno court reported clearing 14.3% of eligible marijuana cases as of March 15. This is an update from an earlier report showing the Fresno court clearing only 6% (152 of 2,615) as of March 2.

Among 12 of the state’s most populous counties with figures available, Fresno ranks third worst when it comes to clearing marijuana records.

“We are not able to speak to the numbers reported by any other court or how they were reached, and therefore have no comparison to offer,” Fresno County court spokeswoman Suzanne Abi-Rached said.

As mandated by a 2018 state law known as AB 1793, Fresno courts received cases pegged for expungement from the Fresno County District Attorney’s office by April 2020.


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