Advocates rally at Capitol to change Kentucky’s marijuana laws

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – Advocates filled the Capitol rotunda in Frankfort on Wednesday saying the time is now for a change in Kentucky’s marijuana laws.

Lawmakers have filed four cannabis-related bills since the legislative session began in January.

Proposed bills include, one for legalization of medical cannabis and one for responsible adult use of marijuana. Other filed bills would decriminalize pot possession and offer protections for public employees who use industrial hemp products.

A Leslie County advocate, Renee Muncy, came to the Capitol to stand for medicinal access to the plant.

“I believe it’s the right time in Kentucky,” Muncy said. “It’s now or never in my opinion, and there’s a lot of sick people that need this medication.”

Medicinal marijuana is something Gov. Matt Bevin has said he would consider if it was properly regulated.

The road may be harder for those pushing for full legalization of marijuana, as Gov. Bevin is opposed to legislation regarding recreational use.

Lawmakers have not disclosed when or if they will take a vote on the proposed legislation during this session of the General Assembly.



Marijuana business sues Louisiana after state nixes its testing lab application

A New Orleans-based company is suing the state of Louisiana, claiming that its application to be an independent medical cannabis testing laboratory was improperly rejected.

The lack of an independent testing lab is the latest development to delay Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, which was initially expected to become operational in late 2018.

Marijuana business sues Louisiana after state nixes its testing lab application


Maryland Lawmakers Introducing Legislation to End Cannabis Prohibition in Maryland

SB0771 and HB0656 would regulate and tax cannabis for adults 21 and older; a separate proposed constitutional amendment to create a similar system, HB0632, would require voter approval.