From Cornflakes To Cannabis..

We very much enjoyed this story in the Battle Creek Enquirer especially as he’s called his business Munchy Farms LLC, although we would have named it “Crunchy Munchy Farms”

And.. yes that is a photo of Warhol eating Lou Reed cornflakes…

Craig Cunningham always wanted to be a farmer.  The media outlet reports

“I never knew it would be this type of indoor farming,” he said.

Cunningham worked the past eight years for the Kellogg Co. as a senior business intelligence analyst. During that time, he was also a licensed medical marijuana caregiver.

This summer, the Athens, Michigan native left his corporate job to help launch Munchy Farms LLC, a licensed Class A medical cannabis grower. It is currently the only marijuana facility in the city of Springfield.

Munchy Farms has 204 plants in its “veg room,” set to harvest in November. The entire crop has already been sold to a Class C licensed medical cannabis facility in Lansing.

According to the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, there are 40 active Class A licensed medical facility operators in the state, which allow for up to 500 plants. There are five Class B operators (up to 1,000 plants) and 210 Class C (up to 1,500 plants).

“I started to look at this and was like, ‘It’s a bunch of stoners doing this,'” Cunningham said of the cannabis farming industry. “I actually have (consumer packaged goods) experience. I started looking at it from that angle and realized it’s a cash cow. If you do everything right, follow the laws, stick to it, I think you can really do something with it.”

Best of luck to him, we say.

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