Georgia: Town of Doraville temporarily nips medical marijuana dispensaries in the bud

In anticipation of medical marijuana dispensaries coming to town, Doraville issued a temporary ban on the newly legal industry to give city leaders time to decide how they’d like to regulate it.

The City Council unanimously voted Monday to issue a 90-day moratorium on businesses that sell medical cannabis, including THC oil and products. While there’s no current businesses focused on selling these products in Doraville, City Attorney Cecil McLendon said he’s heard there is interest in the metro Atlanta market.

“The (number of) dispensaries are limited,” McLendon said. “But I know they are looking at the metro area (to find) locations for dispensaries.”

State law dictates that only 30 medical marijuana oil dispensaries can open in Georgia. Recreational marijuana, which is illegal in Georgia, typically has a much higher proportion of THC than medicinal cannabis.

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