German Bong Maker Files 14 Identical Lawsuits Against Alleged Counterfeiters in the USA

The complaints,  were filed on Friday, July 26 at the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois by RooR International, targeted a number of tobacco retailers that it said are selling unauthorised copies of its trademark-protected bongs.

The companies named in the suit include Wood Dale Tobacco, American Smoke & Vape and Smokes & Such.

According to the filings, the RooR brand produces a range of glass water pipes, parts and accessories, each of them bearing its trademarks which are registered in the US.

It also said that since 2013, a Californian company, Scream, has been its exclusive US-based licensee and is the only company in the US authorised to use its trademarks.

RooR said because of its products higher sales value, it has been targeted by counterfeiters who “tarnish” the RooR brand by selling products which are nearly identical to the RooR products but are made “with inferior materials and technology”.

It said that in essence, the companies “mislead consumers by offering them low-grade products that free ride on the goodwill of the RooR brand”.

It also accused the tobacco companies of “flooding the marketplace with counterfeit products”, resulting in lost sales for RooR.

It said that its legitimate products are made with superior materials, such as nearly unbreakable and hand-blown glass.

RooR is seeking an injunction against the companies and monetary damages.

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