German police investigate CBD shop operators for violating narcotics law

Hemp Industry Daily reports. Three men who run a CBD shop in southwestern Germany are under investigation for violating the country’s controlled substances law.

The men, all 28, are accused of illicitly producing narcotics and selling the products online and in their retail store in the city of Tübingen, state prosecutors and police said in a joint statement.

Authorities suspected that the men were selling intoxicating THC-containing products without authorization. Those products included tea, baking ingredients and oils containing marijuana, the statement read.German authorities searched the store and their residences on Tuesday.

During the searches, police confiscated roughly 16 kilograms of marijuana flowers, 30 grams of marijuana, 16 grams of hashish, an inoperative indoor nursury, the majority of the store’s inventory, and laboratory equipment and utensils for manufacturing CBD products.

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German police investigate CBD shop operators for violating narcotics law

The Statement

POL-RT: Search in CBD shop – Investigations into violations of the Narcotics Act (Tübingen)

Reutlingen (ots)

Joint press release by the public prosecutor’s office in Tübingen and the police headquarters in Reutlingen:

Tübingen (TÜ): Due to various violations of the Narcotics Act, the public prosecutor’s office in Tübingen and a drug investigation group from the Esslingen criminal police department investigated, among other things, three operators of a Tübingen CBD shop. The 28-year-old men are suspected of producing illicit and commercial narcotics and of trading cannabidiol products both in the Tübingen store and via an online shop.

Due to the range of shops, there were concrete suspicions that the accused, contrary to the provisions of the Narcotics Act, offer THC-containing products that are suitable and even intended for misuse for intoxication purposes. These include, for example, tea blends with marijuana flowers, baking ingredients and oils containing marijuana, and other products for oral consumption.

Contrary to the erroneous opinion that the only thing that counts for criminal liability under the Narcotics Act (BtmG) is the amount of the THC content and therefore the handling of goods that contain less than 0.2 percent THC is generally permitted, the BtmG allows Commercial handling of CBD products only if abuse for intoxication purposes is excluded. For example, trading in soap with a THC content of less than 0.2 percent would be permitted. However, trading in tea or other goods intended for human consumption and therefore suitable for intoxication is prohibited by law regardless of the level of THC, i.e. even if the THC is below 0.2 percent. Owning and purchasing such products is also punishable.

During the further criminal investigation, the suspicion against the accused was confirmed, whereupon the public prosecutor’s office in Tübingen obtained judicial search and seizure decisions for the business premises and for the apartments of the suspects in Reutlingen district communities. These were carried out on Tuesday.

In the shop and among the accused, among other things, a total of about 16 kilograms of marijuana flowers, about 30 grams of marijuana, about 16 grams of hashish, an out-of-order indoor growing system, the majority of the inventory, two laboratory facilities and utensils for the production of CBD products, Several thousand shipping glasses and over 16,000 euros in cash found and confiscated. The evaluation of further seized evidence and the investigation into the scope of the illicit narcotics trade are still ongoing. The accused who exercise their right to remain silent are currently at large. (ak)

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