Germany Update: Multiple German Parliament Committees Set To Consider Marijuana Legalization This Week Ahead Of Final Vote On Friday

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That’s a lot of committees!

Let’s see what happens?

At least eight parliamentary committees in Germany are set to take up a bill to legalize marijuana on Wednesday, setting the stage for expected votes on final passage on the floor of the Bundestag on Friday.

As lawmakers and government officials aim for the potential enactment of legalization in April, the scheduled committee hearings indicate that things are going according to plan.

This comes weeks after leaders of Germany’s so-called traffic light coalition government announced that they’d reached a final agreement on the legalization bill, resolving outstanding concerns, primarily from the Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Here are the committees set to consider the Germany marijuana legalization proposal on Wednesday: 

The agenda for several committees this week also includes an opposing motion to “stop cannabis legalization” filed by the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) parliamentary group.

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