“God ordained us to have a successful enterprise” Says Founder of New JV..

10 April 2017

Not even Cheech & Chong could have scripted this one…

Zytecur, based in Hollister California, joined forces with Ilan Bio, an agro-biotechnology company located in Givat Chen in central Israel. Six of the founding members of Zycatur are ex-Special Forces in the U.S. military, a number of whom saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and were wounded.

“There’s really no other way to put it how this all came about other than the fact that God ordained us to have a successful enterprise,”Chris Clark, a founder of Zytecur, said in an interview with Benito Link. Zycatur is building their new 5,000 square meter base of operations in San Benito.
Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/86429/evangelical-company-partners-israeli-bio-tech-firm-help-treat-cancerepilepsyptsd/#SIY04c7SePrHdzGi.99

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