GP To Lobby Scottish Govt On Medical Cannabis For Patient Because Of Crippling Import Costs

The Scotsman reports…

The GP for a seven-year-old boy whose mother uses cannabis-based drugs to treat his epilepsy has agreed to write to the Scottish Government in an attempt to secure him a prescription.

Dr Desmond Spence is writing to Health Secretary Jeane Freeman on behalf of Karen Gray, whose son Murray takes medicinal cannabis to keep crippling seizures at bay.

Murray, who suffers from Doose syndrome, a rare from of epilepsy found in early childhood and was at one point having upwards of 600 seizures per day, has not had a one since June.

Gray, 44, from Edinburgh, says she gives her son a “tiny” dose of the drug Bedica which contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is an active ingredient in whole plant cannabis oil.

Spence said: “It just seemed a bit ridiculous that this medicine is available in Europe, so Karen is getting that quite legally and it’s being imported and the prescription is being issued by a consultant in London.

“There’s nothing illegal about what’s happening but she’s having to shell out over £1,000 a month and it doesn’t seem fair.

“The medicine seems to be effective and she’s managed to keep her son out of hospital for this time and back into education – so it makes no sense to me.”

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