Green Growth CPA’s : Canadian Cannabis | Understanding Legal Cannabis Market Dynamics

Although Canadian cannabis was federally legalized in 2018, the transition from medical to recreational that local company’s experience has not been easy. Large corporate entities have seemed to take over the Canadian cannabis market. British Columbia’s cannabis is sought after from all around the world.


David believes there is something unique about the land and people. BC Craft Farmer’s Co-op gives small craft growers a community and platform for advocacy regarding cannabis legalization and fair distribution of recreational licenses.

Here are some helpful points to hop to in the interview:

+ 30,000 foot look at BC Craft Farmers (0:14)

+ How do you go from medical to recreational in Canada? (6:54)

+ Lawsuit in CA for delivery services (12:36)

+ Is there any Canadian province or city that is championing the cannabis industry? (13:51)

+ All about Co-ops (19:28) + Canada Cannabis medical market vs. illicit market (25:53)

+ Small craft farmers- What tips do you have for these people (33:21)

+ History of Canadian Cannabis and how to be successful (40:24)

+ Respectable Accountants (43:11) + BC Craft Farmers Co-op (48:50)

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