Green Growth CPA’s Publish Article – How to Choose a Cannabis Accountant

Here’s how they introduce their piece…

Cannabis business owners are much more likely to encounter scrutiny from the IRS as a result of onerous tax demands and the conflict between state and federal laws. Staying compliant and being prepared for worst-case-scenario IRS audits is a crucial risk management procedure for protecting your cannabis business. Adding to this potent mix are the operational and regulatory complexities of operating in this fast-growing industry. That’s why it is of essential importance that cannabis operators choose the right cannabis accounting firm, outsourced/fractional CFO provider, and bookkeeper.

With a dedicated cannabis CPA on your side, you receive value-added service based on a solid foundation of accounting principles for the unique risks and opportunities associated with operating a business in the cannabis industry. In the following, we’ll provide questions to ask when you’re looking to engage the right cannabis accounting firm to support your business as it grows.

What does a cannabis accountant do?


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