Green Market Report: Massachusetts Psychedelics Initiative Runs into Admin Trouble

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The initiative seeks to legalize the use of psychedelics in licensed facilities.

Campaign organizers in Massachusetts may have violated signature-gathering regulations and potentially invalidated thousands of signatures in their quest to legalize psychedelics in the state, according to nonprofit news organization WBUR.

“We are working diligently to ensure we meet the signature threshold to move our petition … forward in the ballot qualification process,” Jennifer Manley, a spokesperson for the ballot campaign said in a statement.

Massachusetts for Mental Health Options started petitioning to collect signatures to push lawmakers to consider a psychedelics legalization initiative. In just two months, the group said it verified 75,000 signatures – enough to get past the first hurdle for getting on the 2024 ballot.

A Union Label

However, WBUR reported that state officials noticed that the campaign printed a labor union logo on the ballot sheets. That violates signature-gathering regulations in the state and could potentially invalidate thousands of signatures.

Deborah O’Malley, a spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s Office, told the news outlet that clerks in the elections division noticed the disqualifying marks and alerted the campaign.

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Massachusetts Psychedelics Campaign To Submit 100,000 More Signatures For Legalization Ballot Initiative After Officials Discover Invalid Petition Forms

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