Guardia Civil seize nearly 3,600 kilos of hashish in Huelva

IN a joint operation from Guardia Civil and Customs officers, 113 bales of hashish, weighing close to 3,600 kilos, were seized from a garage located in the Punta del Moral neighbourhood, in Ayamonte (Huelva).

After an extensive operation, officers from both forces monitored boats unloading a large number of suspicious packages into several SUVs in the Caño de Canela area.

A subsequent surveillance operation lead officers to the garage located in the neighbourhood of Punta del Moral. It wasn’t until officers gained access that the action really started.

Once officers forced their way into the lock-up, the drug dealers fled by jumping over the roof to another adjoining building.

Only one man stood his ground and remained inside. According to reports from Guardia Civil on Wednesday, November 10, he was said to be in charge of maintaining vigilance of the drugs – no matter what!

Following an extensive search of the garage, officers found the 113 bales containing around 3,600 kilos of hashish.

A court in Ayamonte ordered the only detained person to be put into prison.

Guardia Civil seize nearly 3,600 kilos of hashish in Huelva

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