Guardia Civil seize nearly 4,000 kilos of hashish in Spain’s Huelva

The Guardia Civil arrested four people and seized almost 4,000 kilos of hashish in two separate incidents in less than 24 hours, in Huelva, Spain, on May, 1.


In a statement, the Guardia Civil agents explained that the incidents took place in the early hours of May,1, when Customs Surveillance officers from the Tax Agency located a boat that was transferring bundles to two small boats in an area near the Canela channel in Ayamonte in Huelva, Spain, as reported by 20minutos.

Once the loading was finished, the boats headed towards the area where they intended to unload. The boats were seized and the three crew members of the boats were arrested. In this action, 63 bundles containing hashish were seized.

A few hours later, they located another semi-rigid inflatable boat, this time heading for the capital of Huelva, where they established a control device with which they detected the unloading on the Espigón beach and the subsequent loading of the drugs into a van and a trailer.

The loaded van rammed the police vehicles and began to flee through the streets of the city, which led to a chase, according to the police statement.

In this second incident, one person was arrested and both the van, which was loaded with bundles of hashish, and a trailer also loaded with bundles and an all-terrain vehicle were seized. A total of 61 bales of hashish were seized in this operation.


Guardia Civil seize nearly 4,000 kilos of hashish in Spain’s Huelva

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