Hanway Publish : “2020 A Year In Review”

They write.. 2020 has been a year of firsts, not least for the cannabis industry. There have been some major positive developments along with some setbacks too. The year ended with the UN making its biggest shift in cannabis policy since the creation of the global prohibition framework, by recognising the medical potential of cannabis, and with a flurry of industry activity.

Hanway has been involved in some exciting firsts for the cannabis industry. We assisted an applicant in winning the tender for one of the first 10 legal licences to cultivate recreational cannabis in Europe, alongside our friends at Blume. At long last the Netherlands is taking the first step to legalising and legitimising cannabis cultivation for adult use. With retail coffeeshops already in place with existing customers, the Netherlands is in a prime position for a rapid roll out avoiding any of the implementation issues Canada or Uruguay faced.

The year started off with a bang as we announced the entry of Savills into the market through our new joint venture – Crop17. This venture brings together the expertise of Cambridge HOK, Savills, Subrosa & Hanway to provide an end to end service for those looking to enter the cannabis market. Along with our partnership with Agritech E to provide content and support for those in the agritech field looking at cannabis opportunities, Hanway can now offer a full suite of advice and support in this area.

Hanway completed its sale of Cannabis Europa in November 2019. This marks our first successful exit of a company we incubated and is the model that we will look to build upon in 2021 as we begin to focus more on launching and operating ventures that fix problems in markets created by changing regulations.

First Wednesdays monthly meetups in London, Paris and Amsterdam were put on ice to help prevent the transmission of Covid-19. Unable to see all your lovely faces in the flesh, we’ve pivoted the organisation to providing more support for entrepreneurs looking to build businesses and raise capital in the European cannabis sector. The FW European Medical Cannabis Ecosystem (EMCE) report was the first detailed mapping of the European cannabis industry landscape.

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