Harris Bricken Announce Via Press Release That Five Attorneys Named as Global Top 200 Psychedelic Lawyers

They appear to be happy about the listings…not that we’ve had any feedback at this end!

Here’s their press release

We are pleased to announce that five (!) Harris Bricken attorneys have all been recognized as Global Top 200 Psychedelic Lawyers and Policy & Regulatory Experts for 2023 by the Cannabis Law Report.

The Cannabis Law Report compiles a directory of lawyers that it considers to be the best legal minds, whether they come from a policy, corporate, regulatory, or criminal background. The directory also includes individuals at medical psychedelic companies with legal and policy skill sets, as well as individuals from universities, the media and other backgrounds.

The following Harris Bricken attorneys were recognized this year: Jonathan Bench, Hilary Bricken, Ethan Minkin, Vince Sliwoski, and Griffen Thorne. Harris Bricken was also named a leading firm in the psychedelic law space, and for good reason: we have been writing about and working in psychedelics since 2018.

Today, our clients range from small businesses and investors (many in the Oregon Measure 109 ecosystem), to widely held research and drug development companies. We have also consulted with state and local governments on legislation along the decriminalization and legalization continuum. Our services in the psychedelics sector include:

  • Entity formation, administration, and governance
  • Finance and investment
  • Intellectual property protection and registration (including patents)
  • Technology related agreements
  • Regulatory compliance advice and counsel
  • Legal opinion work
  • Contracts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Litigation

Congratulations to our team members! Learn more about our psychedelics practice here, and stay up-to-date on emerging industry news by subscribing to our Psychedelics Law Blog.


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