Has COVID-20 increased the Demand for Cannabis around the Globe?

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has caused stress and depression due to social distancing and isolation. With drastic changes worldwide, it has reportedly resulted in an increased demand for cannabis. Sales have allegedly surged online, including the dark web. Read on to learn more about how COVID-19 has been increasing the demand for cannabis.


Sharp Increase in Prices

COVID-19 has led to the closing of numerous borders, along with disrupting many supply chains of marijuana. It is also speculated that the cannabis shortage has caused massive price hikes. Also, the supply of impure drugs has been the cause of many dangerous health issues. According to the UNODC (U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime), the demand for cannabis has increased by 30% during 2020.

Due to an increase in stress during the pandemic, the demand for cannabis has hiked as well. This has been especially true for the most vulnerable section of society. The weak and lower class of our communities has been struggling the most to cope with social distress. The lockdown and the subsequent demand for cannabis have specifically impacted the European countries. The legalization of cannabis in many states has made its access easier.

Marijuana: The Most demanded Drug

Since 2018, marijuana has been the most consumed and frequently brought drug worldwide. According to statistics, at least 192 million consumers of cannabis used the drug in 2018. The United States, along with other countries, including Canada and Uruguay, have consented to the legalization of cannabis for adult-use. If your country or state has allowed the legalization of cannabis, you might want to check in with Breazy to know all that there is to know.

Besides the stress of social distancing and self-quarantine, the legalization of cannabis played a crucial role in increasing demand. However, legalization has been ruled out as the only factor regarding the increase in demand. Some reports have brought out the medicinal advantage of the marijuana plant. It has been stated that the legalization of cannabis has resulted in a global-decrease in seizures.

That being said, more and more countries are moving to vote for the legalization of cannabis. Since the impact has been tremendous, more reports are being published based on the medical and recreational benefits of marijuana. The risks of playing dirty to get cannabis have been replaced with the emerging industry of cannabis-providing companies. For the insurance of balanced use of cannabis, there exist marijuana laws on the quantities for recreational and medical use of cannabis.

Marijuana and Economy

In the face of COVID-19, it has been speculated that the legalization of marijuana and setting up of marijuana nurseries will be a substantial step towards a better economy. There will not only be more jobs nut also more a better economic impact in the cannabis industry by getting the ball rolling. Legal cannabis exhibits the possibility of benefitting the nation’s economy and providing medicinal and recreational benefits to the users.

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