Hashish Smugglers Rescue Police Chasing Them In The Mediterranean

A gang of drug smugglers learnt the hard way no good deed goes unpunished after they were arrested by three police officers they had just rescued from the sea.

The unlikely caper unfolded early Friday morning in waters off the southern coast of Spain when police began pursuing a speedboat ‘with four people on board that was suspected of transporting drugs’.

During the chase, the two boats collided, and the police officers were thrown into the sea as their boat ‘span out of control’, a police statement said.

Using a megaphone, a police helicopter that was hovering overhead called on those on board the speedboat to help and they pulled the three agents to safety unharmed.

However, when police found 3,000 kg of hashish in the water nearby this gesture did not spare them the consequences.

The four smugglers were arrested for drug trafficking as police recovered more than 80 bundles of hashish.


Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/05/drug-smugglers-arrested-after-helping-to-rescue-drowning-police-officers-10866312/?ito=cbshare


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