Third Wave educates the public on the importance of responsible and intentional psychedelic use. Our mission is to facilitate the world’s adoption of psychedelics as useful tools for healing and transformation. We do this through well-researched online content that is widely accessible and well-branded.

Currently, we reach over 300K people per month, and have been featured in the BBC, Forbes, and the New York Times. With the rapid growth of interest in psychedelics, we intend to expand our reach 10x within 12-18 months.

As our Head of Growth, you will be responsible for all areas of growth inside of Third Wave. Our current priority is to GROW: our email list, our content reach, and our revenue.

We prefer an equity focused compensation model with a reasonable salary for our Head of Growth. Our intention is to integrate someone who is gung-ho about our mission, has personal experience microdosing, and is willing to put in the effort to develop an excellent foundation on which we can build an 8-figure company.

One more note: you’ve got to be great with numbers, systems, and data. This role is much more operational and strategic than creative. Whoever we hire as Head of Growth will constantly audit and improve core marketing KPIs across channels. This position will require extensive analytic skills.


  1. Develop and manage overall marketing strategy and map for Third Wave
  2. Devise and implement evergreen marketing funnel to consistently offer the Microdosing Experience from Spring 2021 onwards
  3. Continue to scale Microdosing Course revenue through funnel optimization include paid ads, splinter offers, evergreen webinar funnels, and upsells
  4. Devise and implement segmentation strategy to grow email list size and engagement
  5. Develop 2-3 additional lead magnets for highly trafficked pages to build e-mail list
  6. Track and optimize process for opt-in forms implemented
  7. Track and optimize process for driving leads through top 100 pages
  8. Track and optimize process for converting leads on our Microdosing Course sales page
  9. Consult on UI/UX overhaul for Third Wave’s platform, with an eye towards improving lead generation and conversion rates
  10. Build in-house marketing team to further our reach
  11. Work with CEO, Managing Editor, Head of Product, Head Copywriter, and Head of Community to execute on the above


  1. Writing copy
  2. Designing assets


  • Proven track record of optimizing information product funnels to scale revenue and case studies you can share on how you did so
  • Previous experience in Growth Marketing position for an education, tech, or wellness company
  • Willingness to dive deep into the nitty-gritty, with an eye towards strategic execution in the mid to long-term
  • Personal experience with microdosing and high-dose psychedelic use
  • Ability to design and execute complex projects
  • Data and operationally driven


  • Compensation: salary + equity
  • Flexible office hours
  • Opportunity to craft growth funnels that will help millions of people learn about and integrate the healing potential of psychedelic medicine
  • Opportunity to directly shape company culture and the company’s core products as Head of Growth

If you’re interested in applying for this role, please send your cover letter and CV/resume to jobs@thethirdwave.co

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