Head Of The NY Cannabis Office Resigns Without Prior Notice Says Media Report

We presume he’ll turn up with a lucrative position on a board soon, or maybe, there’s more money for those going back into practice


Rick Zahnleuter, the chief attorney for the New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), abruptly left his post, right in the middle of the state agency’s rollout of regulations and guidance to the emerging marijuana market.

Zahnleuter retired from the New York Department of Health in 2020—where he served as general counsel and led the department’s legal affairs division. Following OCM’s inception in October 2021, he was named OCM General Counsel.

Via email to NY Cannabis Insider, OCM spokesman Aaron Ghitelman confirmed Zahnleuter’s departure, reported Syracuse.com

“The entire staff of the Office of Cannabis Management wants to thank Rick Zahnleuter for his work getting the Office up and running. Rick came out of retirement to lend his expertise to our office as we launched New York’s cannabis industry,” reads the e-mail.

Thanks to Rick’s work, the Seeding Opportunity Initiative is in full motion with regulations finalized for the cannabis supply chain; farmers, production facilities, and our first retail dispensaries,” the e-mail said.

Ghitelman said that the agency is in a “great place” to bring a new General Counsel “to shepherd our Office and New York’s Cannabis Industry into the future.”

Source: https://www.syracuse.com/marijuana/2022/07/the-office-of-cannabis-managements-chief-counsel-just-left-the-agency.html

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