Health Canada publishes Notice of Intent To Amend The Cannabis Regulations (CR) & Associated Regulatory Frameworks

See …. Health Canada is pleased to announce the publication of its Notice of Intent – Consultation on the Cannabis Regulations: Cannabis research and other regulatory issues.

Health Canada is publishing this Notice of Intent to provide interested stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on Health Canada’s intent to amend the Cannabis Regulations (CR) and associated regulatory frameworks to:

  1. Facilitate non-therapeutic cannabis research involving human participants by:
  • implementing appropriate health and safety controls; and,
  • broadening adverse reaction reporting, where necessary.
  1. Streamline and rationalize the licensing framework under the CR to facilitate cannabis-based testing activities including:
  • expanding production, distribution, and sale activities with cannabis reference standards and test kits; and,
  • expanding the acceptable qualifications of the “head of laboratory”.

In addition, Health Canada is seeking feedback and comments on additional regulatory issues to help inform potential future regulatory development: namely the public possession limit amounts (i.e. the amounts of various classes of cannabis deemed equivalent to 1 gram of dried cannabis); product labelling requirements; micro class and nursery licences; and COVID-19 measures.

Please submit any questions and comments related to this Notice by January 11, 2021 to:

Regulatory Affairs
Strategic Policy, Cannabis
Controlled Substances and Cannabis Branch
Health Canada

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