Health Europa Looks At Denmarks Medical Cannabis Scheme 6 Months In

Health Europa write,

The future looks bright for the Danish medical cannabis industry, but speaking to Rikke Jakobsen, CEO of Cannabis Denmark, there is still work to be done.

The Danish medical cannabis industry is a dynamically evolving world, with this in mind, Health Europa spoke with Rikke Jakobsen, CEO of Cannabis Denmark in late 2018 to discuss the pioneering medical cannabis pilot and development programmes the country had recently launched, along with the impact this was set to have on patients, growers and healthcare professionals.

The Danish medical cannabis pilot programme was developed with a view to allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis products to vulnerable patients who have failed to respond to traditional therapies. The information and evidence collected during the trial will form the basis of more permanent legislation, which will be implemented at the end of the 4-year pilot scheme based on the findings.

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