Hemp Gazette Article: Cronos Group Back In Australia – Sort Of

Canada’s Cronos Group has expanded cannabis flower distribution into the Australian market with its first shipment to Vitura Health Limited. The two companies were well acquainted prior to this deal.

Vitura Health was once known as Cronos Australia Limited, with Cronos Group having a significant stake in its Australian namesake at the time. But early last year the local firm finalised a re-brand following its merger with CDA Health Pty Ltd. Adoption of the new name Vitura Health Limited was to reflect the vision, values and aspirations of the merged entity.

Cronos Group still owns approximately 10% of the common shares of Vitura today.

Regarding this deal, Cronos says:

“Cronos intends to help Vitura grow market share and help establish Vitura as a leading cannabis brand in Australia by leveraging the Company’s success in flower within the Canadian, Israeli, and German markets.”

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Cronos Group Back In Australia – Sort Of

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