Hemp, Inc. Announces Largest Industrial Hemp/Kenaf Sale to Date


via NewMediaWire — Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) announces its largest industrial product sale to date. Four semi-trucks hauled 120,000 pounds of Hemp, Inc.’s DrillWall™, the only all-natural kenaf/hemp Loss Circulation Material (LCM) blend of its kind on the market, for the oil and gas well drilling industries.   The sales agreement was initially signed at the end of 2019 through Hemp, Inc.’s subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, (IHM), and was set to sell 1 million pounds worth of DrillWall™ over the course of one year. However, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic rearing its ugly head (or ugly spikes), there was a disruption in the distribution.

“We are back on track with distribution under this agreement and we are also (separately) negotiating a substantial order for literally everything we have at our processing facility in North Carolina,” says Gary Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc.  There are 444,000 pounds of Spill-Be-Gone™ (an oil spill cleanup product made from the core particles and powder of the kenaf and hemp plant) and 750,000 pounds of raw kenaf bales that can be turned into Spill-Be-Gone™ in a 60-day period.  Farmers are also on standby, ready to grow more kenaf this year in order to keep a continual supply.

On a cost-performance basis, DrillWall™ is superior to most LCMs in the marketplace and is the best option for buyers looking for non-toxic alternatives for their operations. Specifically, DrillWall™ is made of kenaf and hemp cellulose. It also includes milled products from kenaf and hemp that are made into oil drilling fluid additives and oil absorbents. Thus, there has been a sea of interest in DrillWall™ and Spill-Be-Gone™ (and their raw materials) over the past several months so the Company is expecting ample activity at the plant in North Carolina.

As one of the pioneers in the hemp industry, Hemp, Inc.’s foothold runs 14 years deep. The Company has facilities on the east and west coast and offers the broadest range of industrial hemp products. In addition to the DrillWall™ and Spill-Be-Gone™ mentioned above, Hemp, Inc. also has its full line of CBD/CBG/CBN that includes CBD-CBG Topical Pain Relief Roll-on, CBD/CBG Natural Coffee Enhancers, CBD/CBG Tinctures, and CBDa/CBGa/CBD/CBG/CBN Capsules. Hemp, Inc. also has the means to produce hempcrete, horse bedding, hemp bio-plastics, and more. For more information on Hemp, Inc.’s products, click here.

We expect 2023 to be a banner year in terms of generating income.


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