Hemp Mongolia LLC reveals its implementation plan to build the largest hemp processing farm in the Central Asian steppes

Three years since research and intensive awareness efforts began dedicated to challenging prohibitive public barriers, our company has secured government authorisations and regulatory segregated individual licenses for the farming, processing, transportation, importing, exporting of hemp and its derivate by-product assortments, including CBD oil with its tremendously versatile industrial application potential.

Mongolia, a country best known in the ancient times as the cross route of the Silk Road, connecting trade between Europe and Asia and today, it is more visible in the eyes of international investors’ eyes due to its vast mineral resources and untouched natural landscapes covering nomadic livestock grazing areas.

Our company’s planned activities are focused on building a production facility plant logistically close to large agricultural farmland resources, including around 15,000 hectares of wild hemp fauna of prime genetically unmodified strains of both hemp and cannabis seeds. The fertile soil unexploited over the last 50 years has recently become an industrial-scale crop cultivation field.

However, the continental dry climate, prevailing meteorological conditions and relatively short cultivation seasonality factors have influenced the protection of the land from soil degradation and chemical contamination and helped to preserve the pristine qualities of hemp and have allowed the natural expansion of its growth area.

As the first company licensed in Mongolia to farm and process hemp – our team of investors, advisors and staff worked hard to build a consensus team of different public agencies representatives and convinced these cross-sectoral officers about the unique opportunities of Mongolia as a country with multilateral and cross-board trade facilitation agreements on a regional level – with our biggest trading partners and good neighbours being the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China, as well as Singapore, South Korea, Japan and the European Union (EU). Also, our country is a Member State of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and an especially important agreement has been signed by the Mongolian Government with the Government of Japan that waives reciprocal export and sales taxes on traded goods.

To build a strong community for the professional exchange of news and media coverage provided by the opportunities opened up by the digital communications, Hemp Mongolia LLC aims to develop a strong and unified working group of NGO’s consisting of hemp industry professionals representing countries in the Asian region, including India, Bhutan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Singapore so that that the hemp industry’s latest product, technological market trends and trade flow developments can be followed by such working group members.

A.Anar’s sums up the role of Asia in the hemp and cannabis sector in his own words: “Asia is moving in the hemp and cannabis sectors – the development is swifter following the oversight deregulations of industrially developed countries. This trend we follow may bring in the next round of significant ease in policy, inducing a potential hemp boom in the mid-term future. I believe the near future will determine Asia’s marketplace as the price moving market force for hemp products due to its dominant consumption and volume demand.


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