HEMP Political Party Australia Asks Whether You Think They Should Have A Name Change To “Legalise Cannabis Australia”

We think it’s a good idea to change the name and have responded so…

Keep or Change the name of the Party?

To all members of the HEMP Party,

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) last November we decided to give members some time to consider the proposal to change the Party’s name.

More members have joined the Party this year and there will be a federal election within the next 10 months.

Currently there are over 4,000 registered members with an active email address and you’re one of them.

The results of this member survey will help in making the decision to keep or change the name of the Party.

Section 1 of the HEMP Party Constitution can be amended with a majority vote by the members present at the next AGM.

Please click on a link to email your vote.

I vote to KEEP Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

~~~~~~ OR ~~~~~~

I vote to CHANGE to Legalise Cannabis Australia

How this voting system works

  • Voting is optional.
  • Clicking on KEEP or CHANGE will write your vote in an email ready to send.
  • Your email will register your vote and provide a record of your decision.
  • Replying to this email will not count as a vote because it will be sent to the wrong Inbox.
  • Voting will stay open until the day before the next AGM.

Thank you for considering this important decision for the Party.

Yours sincerely
James Kingsbury
HEMP Party Secretary

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