HempFusion’s CBD Products Enter Greater China Through Alibaba Group’s Tmall Global

Not sure that telling the Chinese govt how you are getting your product into the country when they don’t really want their populace using CBD products is the smartest of moves… but what do we know !

I just hope they’ve been paid for the product before it leaves the warehouse


DENVER, Colo., April 6, 2021 – HempFusion Wellness Inc. (TSX:CBD.U) (US:CBDHF) (FWB:8OO) (“HempFusion” or the “Company”), a leading health and wellness Company offering premium probiotic supplements and products containing CBD, is pleased to announce following its launch of Probulin Probiotics on Alibaba Group Holding’s Tmall Global (“Tmall”), it has now received conditional approval to launch HempFusion’s CBD products on Tmall, the world’s largest cross border online marketplace reaching more than 750 million potential new consumers across mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

“We are incredibly excited to receive approval for HempFusion’s flagship store from Tmall, joining our subsidiary, Probulin Probiotics, on China’s leading eCommerce platform reaching the world’s largest consumer base,” said Jon Visser, HempFusion’s Chief Revenue Officer. “To be one of the first publicly traded CBD companies on the platform provides us with significant competitive advantages that have the potential to add considerable revenue to our Company,’’ continued Mr. Visser.

HempFusion’s topicals with CBD are expected to launch on Tmall soon and will include its OTC drug listed Acne ReliefEczema Relief, and Sports Relief CreamsPain Relief and Sports Pain Relief BalmsPain Relief Gel and Wound Ointment, with more products expected to follow.  These unique formulations include a proprietary skin nourishing and moisturizing base with Aloe vera, Sheabutter, Jojoba Oil, Hemp derived omega fatty acids and CBD as well as many other botanicals.

“Building on our established relationship with the Alibaba Group and Tmall and introducing our premium HempFusion OTC Drug Listed Topical products throughout this premier Asian eCommerce platform has been a major focus of our strategic expansion plan,” stated Jason Mitchell, N.D., HempFusion’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We are now accessing one of the largest online consumer groups in the world with products formulated with approved drug monograph ingredients such as menthol for ailments such as pain. These products have already performed as best in class in select retailers in the United States, and we’re excited to see that follow through in the world’s largest market,” continued Dr. Mitchell.

Tmall, the third most visited website in the world, provides unique opportunities to raise brand awareness and drive conversions through comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, including shoppable live streams with product demonstrations and special offers. Brand hosts’ drive traffic through live, digital interaction resulting in more engaged consumers staying tuned in longer.

“Our highest profile influencers are looking forward to engaging with the enormous Asian market through this live stream eCommerce format,” stated Mr. Visser. “They’ll deliver authentic, first-person testimonials and experiences, interacting and educating new consumers on the many wellness benefits of HempFusion products,” continued Mr. Visser.

HempFusion is ranked #2 in brand awareness according to a recent survey conducted by Brightfield Group. “Our goal is to achieve the same brand awareness and reach that top spot in Greater China,” added Dr. Mitchell.


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