HK Airport Weed Seizure Traced Back To Nepal

KATHMANDU, Sep 8: Hong Kong authorities have recently confiscated a shipment of marijuana and hashish that was traced back to the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Nepal. The discovery was made on August 11 when narcotics were found on a Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) flight arriving in Hong Kong. While the exact quantity of the seized drugs has not been disclosed by Hong Kong police, it has raised serious concerns about airport security.

Chief of the Narcotics Control Bureau in Koteshwar, SSP Govinda Thapaliya, has initiated an investigation into the security lapse that allowed these illegal substances to pass through the airport’s security checks and reach Hong Kong. Thapaliya clarified that the investigation is currently focusing on police procedures and not customs-related issues. “We are looking into whether there was a lapse on the part of the police or customs in this matter,” he stated.

This incident has cast a shadow over the reputation of Nepal’s law enforcement agencies, especially considering recent cases of smuggled gold and now drugs being transported abroad through air routes. Notably, the narcotics in question were concealed within book shipments, disguising their illicit nature. Sources suggest that cargo companies may have played a role in these smuggling operations by manipulating customs and police personnel.

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