Honduras – M13 Gang Says Most Popular New Product Is Chemically Altered Cannabis Called Krispy (Tiburón)

A rather perturbing new report from Vice in Honduras who write.

Several dozen impeccable plastic baggies of the gang’s newest cash-cow: a powerful strain of chemically-altered marijuana known as Krispy, or Tiburón (which means “shark” in English).

It’s unclear what chemicals or substances have made the new drug so addictive, but the gang has been making a killing off it.

“We’ve sold a lot,” said “El Pedro”, a gang member who met with VICE World News in the Chamelecón neighborhood. His gaze was misty after smoking the drug all afternoon. “There’s a lot of addicts to Tiburón now. It’s almost as addictive as cocaine… Everyone from the youngest kids to really old people consume it now.”

MS-13 began selling Krispy (Tiburón is one kind of Krispy, and the strongest), which goes for twice, sometimes three times the price of normal weed, just before the COVID-19 lockdown began in Honduras, according to observers interviewed by VICE World News. 

“Every day, we make around 8,000 to 10,000 lempiras ($328 – 409),” another gang member called “El Ardilla” (which means Squirrel in English) told VICE World News. He picked up a packet of Tiburón between his fingers.  “Now this costs 100 lempiras. Before, it only cost 30 or so. The demand was less. Now it’s 100, and we’re making up to 10,000 a day. It’s our best-selling drug,” he said.

Read the full report at  https://www.vice.com/en/article/akdkpe/ms-13-is-getting-rich-from-chemically-altered-weed-thats-more-addictive-than-cocaine

A Merry Jane report says

Some believe that it may be normal weed that has cocaine baked into it, while others believe it could be a form of synthetic marijuana similar to Spice or K2.


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