Hong Kong clerk admits persuading client to plead guilty in HK$1.9 million cocaine trafficking case to secure co-defendant’s freedom

  • Paul Chan, 60, confesses manipulating suspect into providing false testimony to officers in charge of drug trafficking case in 2016
  • Court hears Chan tried to convince suspect it would do him no good to incriminate his work colleague, who reportedly played more prominent role
  • A Hong Kong legal clerk has admitted fabricating evidence and persuading a client to plead guilty to drug trafficking to secure the release of his co-defendant.

    Paul Chan Keung-lee, 60, on Thursday admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice after he tried to get suspect Ma Ka-kin to provide false testimony to customs officers in charge of a 2016 case which involved cocaine worth HK$1.9 million (US$242,345).

    The District Court heard Chan had tried to convince the then 20-year-old man that it would do him no good to incriminate his work colleague Hung Chi-him, who had reportedly played a more prominent role in the crime.

    Chan also told Ma he might receive a lighter sentence if he lied about the extent of Hung’s involvement and took the blame for an offence he insisted he had no knowledge of.



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