Hot off The Press Ganjapreneur Report: “DOJ Task Force Recommends No Changes to Federal Cannabis Policy”

The Ganjapreneur reports says

In its report to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety offered no new policy recommendations related to state-approved cannabis programs, according to an Associated Press report. The task force, comprised of federal law enforcement officials and prosecutors, largely backed the current Justice Department policies outlined by the Obama-era Cole Memo.

John Huck, a Brookings Institute senior fellow who studies cannabis policy and was interviewed by the task force, said that the lack-of-enforcement recommendations reflect an understanding that shuttering the industry is neither possible nor plausible.

“If they come out with a more progressive, liberal policy, the attorney general is just going to reject it,” he said in the report. “They need to convince the attorney general that the recommendations are the best they can do without embarrassing the entire department by implementing a policy that fails.”

Here’s the full report

DOJ Task Force Recommends No Changes to Federal Cannabis Policy


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